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Here’s the story of Fontenot and a Half and how its unique seasoning was born. Some of this might sound made up, but I can assure you, there is truth to every sentence.


-Jeremy Griffith

It Starts with a Road Trip


A few years ago, Cal and I decided it was time to venture out of the confinements of Louisiana and make a duck hunting trip to Canada. Since we love to hunt ducks as much as anyone, and we love road trips, we decided to give this a shot, literally.


After two days and two thousand miles of traveling, we arrived in Saskatchewan with the hopes of coming home a week later with ducks to last a year, and memories to last a lifetime. We didn’t know anyone up there and had no real plan on what to do or where we were going to hunt, but that was the whole point.

While driving down the highway on our first night in Canada, we approached a red light in the town of Regina and thought about where we should spend the night.


This is when things got a little interesting.


While sitting at the light, a car pulled up on the side of us with a lady hanging out of the window screaming, “Are yall from Louisiana?!” Apparently she had seen our license plate. “Yes ma’am!” we replied. The lady was with her husband and they insisted we follow them to a restaurant and let them buy us dinner. Not knowing anyone, and never shy, we took them up on the offer and headed to a little local diner not far down the road.

The couple began to tell Cal and me how they are from Canada and how much they love Louisiana and travel there every few years. They were shocked to see us in their hometown of Regina and invited us to dinner a couple of nights later at their house.


While there, they showed us their Louisiana cookbook collection (which was probably around a thousand books) and treated us to a “home cooked” jambalaya. They also made the best tasting Bloody Mary drinks you’ve never had.


Well the glasses these Bloody Marys were served in were lined with a sort of tangy seasoning that added an extra flavor to our drinks. This sort of unique spice on the rim of the glass gave Cal and me some ideas. If we could mix that unusual flavor with some good Cajun seasoning back home, there was no telling how good that could be. And that’s just what we did!


Birth of a Cajun Seasoning

Once back in Louisiana, we began to blend this sort of tangy seasoning with spices that we all love to use everyday back in Cajun Country. After several attempts, we finally came up with the right mixture of ingredients that gave the seasoning a unique, spicy taste that is not found in any other seasoning. And that’s not made up.


For a couple years, we had their Canadian seasoning mailed to us from our new friends in Regina. The ingredients in this seasoning could not be found on any shelf in any store back home.  And that’s how the seasoning came about.


So What's in a Name?

As for the name, it’s pretty simple really. Cal is a Fontenot, and my mother was a Fontenot. But then again, I might be more Fontenot than Cal. With two grandparents that were Fontenots, compared to Cal’s one grandparent, this begs the question: Who’s really the Fontenot and who’s really the Half?


Cal Fontenot and Jeremy Griffith

      Cal & Jeremy in Saskatchewan

Oh and in case you were wondering how the duck hunting went in Canada, we ended up with 45 ducks, 1 goose, and plenty of memories. Of course the duck hunting road trips didn’t stop there. 


All in all we’ve gone to Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Saskatchewan, and Alaska just to hunt our elusive feathered friends of the sky. We certainly seem to be as unique as our seasoning.







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